The Cross of Life-At the Center Of It All

Dr. Bill Moffett
May 23, 2024

Happiness, and the pursuit of it, is central to so many of our lives, yet can be so elusive for many.  In a world where we are wealthier, living longer, more knowledgeable, and more technologically advanced, why are we not happier than our predecessors? 

We’ll take a look at Dr Pankey’s powerful Cross of Life, bring new perspectives to it, and review how to apply it to your own life. We'll examine ways that we think we can make ourselves happier, but actually sabotage our happiness. We'll discover proven ways to increase our happiness.  Lastly, we'll allow for reflection of how this can all be applied into your own life.  

Course Objectives:

  • Review and re-examine the Cross of Life
  • Learn the things we think make us happier, but actually won't.  
  • Discover proven ways to increase your happiness
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