Cultural Development: A Pursuit with Significant ROI

Dr. Mark Kleive
May 23, 2024

Ask most dentists where their time, energy, and continuing education dollars have been spent during their career, and most will report that it’s been on dental techniques, materials, and recently things like creating a seamless digital workflow. These are the topics that dentists find comfortable.

And yet, in order for a practice to be highly successful and for a team culture to truly thrive, it’s imperative for the dentist to look beyond the patient's mouths, and into the eyes and hearts of each team member.  Just imagine what is possible if you choose to be strategic and highly engaged as a leader and coach to your team, especially in a relationship based practice. Although many dentists are incredibly resistant to learning about the significance of their role in team and cultural development, the positive impact of this kind of investment can easily be measured by metrics such as team member longevity, productivity, and profitability.

This program invites you to expand your thinking toward intentional ways that you can help to develop a sense of purpose, belonging, and engagement with and for each member of your team.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the current research on team member engagement
  • Empower the team to expand their leadership and “pull on the rope” 
  • Learn to share your non-negotiable behaviors with your team
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