Leading With Your Hands, Head, & Heart

As dentistry and the dentist continue to evolve, while integrating what he or she has learned at the Pankey Institute, the role of the dentist and dental team can seem more ambiguous, creating more questions than answers.  Should we lead or hire a leader?  Can we really do the dentistry? Can we do it all?  Should we do it all?  What does leadership look like in 2025?  And what does it look like in a dental practice? 

 This presentation will address the following:

  • Strategies to integrate and maximize the concepts and skills of health-centered, complex restorative dentistry as a critical component of intentional leadership
  • The hyperplastic capabilities of the brain and the positive impact it can have for leaders
  • Noticing resistance to change and intentionally integrating key concepts with patients and team to become a more congruent leader
  • Individualized transparent systems that support the dentistry, vision, and passion