I Never Saw a Tooth Walk Into My Office - Understanding the Dentist - Patient Relationship

Utilizing the Pankey Philosophy of dentistry can create long lasting and fulfilling experiences for both the Dentist and Dental Patient.  Living through the Covid Pandemic has created a different experience as social norms now dictate these interactions in both treatment and relationships.

This along with a focus on distance learning of the more technical part of dentistry has left a chasm of how the Pankey Cross of “Know Your Patient” affects our patients and our day-to-day practices.

Engaging in this course the participant:

  • Will understand the history of the dentist patient relationship.
  • Will understand how the Pankey Philosophy of “Know Your Patient” can be better put to use in your dental practice given today’s technical and social norms.
  • Will be able to keep their dental practice resilient utilizing these new norms to benefit both the patient and the dentist.
  • Will help create a new beginning or continue to develop a vibrant and exciting dental practice for years to come.