Give Your Hero The Spotlight

None of us have walked our path alone. Who is the person that inspired you to be more, encouraged you to continue on your journey of excellence if when it was challenging or guided you with knowledge?

Too many times the people who inspired and guided us most, never know that they were the reason we kept going, sought a different path and worked hard along the way.

Dental Heroes is a special opportunity to acknowledge that person in your life and share a very special moment of recognition with them.

Nominate Your Hero

Give a gift of $500 or more and your dental hero will receive:

- A personal letter of honor acknowledging your donation and what they mean to you
- Special honoree rate for The 2023 Pankey Symposium
- Recognition during the Dental Heroes video
- A special Dental Heroes gift

Have you nominated your Dental Hero yet?

2023 Dental Heroes
Nomination Instructions

To honor your 2023 Dental Hero, we ask that you submit a 60 - 90 second video expressing why you have chosen this individual & how/why they have impacted your life and/or career.

This is your story and message, please feel free to share the applicable details that make them your Dental Hero.

This video will debut at The 2023 Pankey Symposium at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, FL for all attendees to see.

If you do not wish to submit a video, you may send us a brief, 2-3 paragraph document expressing why this individual is deserving of this honor and how they have impacte your life and/or career.

Please attach 2-5 photos of your Hero with your written submission.

Filming Tips

1. Keep video horizontal, 1920 x 1080 is ideal. 30 frames per second is ideal.
2. Please keep the camera steady. Avoid handheld, stabilize your video if using a mobile device.
3. Please verify that the subject is focused and not blurry.
4. DO NOT WORRY about the beginning or end of the video. That will be edited out.
5. If you flub a line or word, start from the beginning. Ideally, submit the take you wish to use.
6. Please film in a well-lit room and avoid any distracting household sounds (washing machine running, etc.)
7. Make sure to be positioned no further than 6 ft. from camera. This way we can hear your voice.
8. Lastly, be comfortable, be relaxed, take your time and enjoy conveying you message!

Do not hold camera or film "selfie" style
Do not submit a video in a vertical orientation
Only submit in horizontal orientation